There are many reasons why men pull away

Why a man pulls away is of concern to every women in a relationship at one time or another.

Take comfort from the fact:

It’s a perfectly normal situation for which there are many reasons …


  • It happens in the best of relationships
  • He feels he needs some time to himself …
  • It may not be your fault … you may not have done or said anything to cause it
  • He’s giving you all the clues you need … are you reading them correctly?

Knowing how to react is vital if your relationship is to have any future at all …


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Read on to discover:

  • How most women make the situation worse
  • Why men pull away … 16 classic reasons why men pull away
  • How does a man pull away?
  • Welcoming him back
  • Action step!

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Frustrating though the situation is, the most important thing you can do is control your reaction when your man pulls away ..understanding why men pull away is vital in a long term realtionship.

Most women make the situation much worse, without realising it …

Because they don’t know how to react when their man pulls away …

And this depends on which of the five stages of the relationship you are in.

Now, if you are like most women, you will not have heard of the five stages …

So you won’t know what the pitfalls are … or how to avoid them.

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Chapter 3 focuses purely on you … and I’m not pulling any punches here …

It may sound harsh, but we have to explore if, maybe, there are some things you are doing that may be causing him to pull away and contribute to his fading interest in you.

Would you like to know the seemingly “normal” things you’re doing that will make him run the other way?… FAST! (HINT: These change depending on which stage your relationship is at) …

Once you have identified the potential issues, then you can fix them or avoid them altogether 🙂

Think of the peace of mind this will give you …

No longer will you be wondering what you did wrong …

And here’s the easy part …

Without realising it, he’s giving you the clues … can you read them correctly?

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Because they don’t understand what is happening, and are fearful of losing the relationship, many women become all

  • needy
  • clingy
  • upset or
  • angry or
  • try to get him to justify what is happening  as he starts pulling away or when he comes out of it.

There is a very real chance he may not understand why he is behaving as he is … going into his “cave” or “shed” and becoming uncommunicative may be completely beyond his control.

Here’s why men pull away …

Think of PMT.

We ladies are famous for our temperaments at the “time of the month” and blame our hormones.

Hormones rise and fall according to what is happening with our other hormones. As we women know, they influence us hugely …

Oxytocin is one hormone in particular that effects women…when our oxytocin levels rise we tend to feel bonded with the person we are with.

Men are also affected by their oxytocin.
They, too, can feel bonded, but to a much lesser extent.

But something else happens …

As their oxytocin levels rise, their testosterone levels decrease.

This leads to them feeling pressured and stressed.

Of course, they don’t like this feeling …

The natural thing for them to do is to retreat into themselves until they feel more able to cope again.

This is one of the primary reasons why men pull away and …

There is no way of knowing when or how long a man will pull away for …

How does a man pull away?

It can happen in many different ways …

  • he may contact you less and less or
  • he may take longer to reply to your calls and texts
  • he uses endearments less and less
  • he may tell you he is under stress at work or even say
  • he isn’t ready for a relationship.

Much depends on the stage your relationship has reached …

And, of course, it is perfectly possible he has

  • definitely decided he doesn’t want to see you any more or
  • he may be cheating on you.

Think for a moment how you feel when you are stressed at that “time of the month”…

Do you need anger, and disappointment expressed with the way you are behaving?

Of course not … you know you are not “yourself”you feel you have enough to cope with.

And that’s how your man is feeling …

He needs to be given time to sort himself out.

Classic reasons why men pull away

  1. He may feel you are trying to move him to commit to a permanent
    relationship before he feels ready for it. “Ooohing” and “Ahhing” over babies and weddings etc with pointed comments and looks in his direction will frighten him off unless you have been together for at least a year.
  2. One of you is insecure. He may have ambitions, goals and dreams he wants to achieve before he considers settling down. If you have a high-flying job or earn more than he does, he may feel insecure and to a certain extent, threatened by your success. On the other hand, if you need constant reassurance that he is not going to leave you, it is going to scare him away. Men do not like clingy women.
  3. You’ve cheated on him and he knows it. This is going to be a huge blow to his ego. He will feel tremendously humiliated and it may take him a long time to come to terms with it. He wants to be with a women who boosts his ego. He may need time to come to terms with whether he wants to stay in a relationship with you.
  4. He doesn’t feel appreciated. Simple courtesies like “please” and “thank you” with a smile go a long way with a man. Don’t take him for granted. Every man wants to be with a women who makes him feel good. If he doesn’t get words of encouragement and appreciation from you, he’ll find someone who does appreciate him.
  5. You nag. Don’t nag … ever. Find a pleasant way to ask him to do something, even if you have asked him a dozen times already. When he does, be generous in your appreciation. He’ll feel good and is more likely to want to please you again. And no sarcasm. Remember: “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”
  6. You don’t give him enough space. Don’t monopolise all
    of his time. If he wants to go off and play a round of golf or watch the football with his mates, welcome it. It will give you more to talk about when you catch up. If you show any resentment at the time he wants to spend with his friends, he will come to resent you … let him go and he will be telling all his friends how fantastic you are.
  7. He’s bored with you. Be unpredictable – within reason. Value your self and what you have to offer. Keep/find a hobby you really enjoy. It may be appropriate to invite him along. If not, keep your independence. Maybe he can see his friends while you are seeing yours.
  8. You try to please him all the time – it becomes boring … there’s no challenge … and he’ll walk away.
  9. You’ve compared him poorly to previous boyfriends. He will resent it and it may make you seem like “damaged goods” which his ego will object to … and he will pull away.
  10. You slept with him too soon. Set your standards and stick to them. Men love a challenge … if you fall into bed with him too soon, you will acquire a reputation for being “cheap.” No man wants a “cheap” girlfriend. He will walk away. On the other hand, don’t play too hard to get. It’s a fine balance. He will take his cue from you and your behaviour.
  11. You’ve flirted with other men in an effort to make him jealous…it will cause serious problems in your relationship. Yes, he may become jealous, but he is also likely to be angry and humiliated and decide you are not worth the effort.
  12. You don’t continue to take care of you self no slackening off in the looks department just because you are getting comfortable together. He wants to be proud of the way you look …you must have looked “good” for him to be attracted to you in the first place. Don’t forget that he may be working with some good-looking women each day who take care of themselves. If you slacken off, the comparisons may be uncomfortable for him … even though he may not tell you.
  13. He says he’s busy or has lots of pressure at work. It may be genuine … are you going to help him through it or are you going to cause him extra pressure just when he doesn’t need it? if so, he’s going to pull away from you as that is the last thing he needs. He needs your loving and generous support at this time.
  14. You are too dominant in the relationship. Don’t ever make him feel inadequate. Men like to be the leader … ask his advice if you genuinely want to hear it.
  15. He may be confused. He may want to take your relationship to the next stage, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to lose his freedom. This is a serious dilemma for a man. As he sees it, he loses either way. Give him time to figure it out. Struggling with understanding this? This video will help you see things from his point of view 🙂
  16. You over-react. Men don’t like big dramas – they find them embarrassing. Men hate to be embarrassed. If you are a bit of a drama queen, he will pull away to think about your relationship and whether he can cope long-term.

At the same time, accept that some relationships are just not meant to be.

Stay true to yourself …

If he can’t accept you for who you are and what you are, the relationship does not have a long-term future and he will gradually pull away…

Looking at it positively, this gives you the opportunity to find your ideal man 🙂

Welcoming him back.

Now you have a greater understanding of why men pull away, think about how you want to welcome him back 🙂

This is where many women are their own worst enemy. They become all sulky and demanding in an effort to make him feel guilty for the unhappiness he has caused them.

This will back-fire…

What’s his instinctive reaction when he feels he’s being pressured?

He resists … he’ll walk away and he may walk away permanently.

Instead, welcome him back warmly and generously.

When he “comes back” to you, he needs to be

  • welcomed warmly
  • no sulking
  • no explanations demanded and
  • no pressure applied or you will be placing a real strain on your relationship.

Would you like some help with knowing what to say and do? It’s all in my free e-book …


What ever you do, don’t fuss … he’ll know you understand why men pull away. Just show him you are thrilled to have him back with you …

It will be a real boost to his ego.

If he was thinking about taking your relationship to the next stage, he knows you will be an understanding and loving partner, who respects him – and that’s what he wants 🙂

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