Be honest – you are searching for info on the signs a guy wants to date you because

  • you like him
  • hope he likes you enough to ask you out
  • but you don’t want to make a fool of your self?


I have good news… if you can learn to read a man’s body language, then you will have a huge advantage over most women. You will be able to read the signs a guy wants to date you 🙂

So let’s take all that worrying uncertainty away …

Then you will have the assurance of knowing that he likes you and you can behave accordingly … hopefully, not to tease the him with hot and cold behaviour. Remember karma 🙂

There are hundreds of signs a guy wants to date you.

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration 🙂

Which are the ones to watch out for?

Become a student of body language.

Watch people …

Anywhere people gather, be it a station, airport, on a commute, in a busy restaurant or coffee shop …

Watch the behaviour of the people around you.

Watch how they interact.

It’s easy to pick out those who are having a disagreement, bored, tired or those who are in love.

Let’s concentrate on those in love…

Are they

  • sitting close together or leaning towards each other
  • do they have eyes only for each other
  • do they caress each other with their eyes
  • laugh a lot
  • physically touch each other – gentle little touches on the hand or arm
  • look happy to be in each others company
  • seem to be in their own little bubble and oblivious of what is going on around them
  • does he brush the hair out of her eyes
  • treat her as if she is made of finest porcelain?

You know what I’m talking about ….you’ve seen it a thousand times 🙂

Few of us can control our body language so these are the easy signs to read.

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Before we get into the practicalities …

Spend 5 minutes a day studying body language. Become an expert in reading the signs …

When you have a few moments to spare, watch an old cowboy film on TV with the sound turned down.

Try to figure out what is happening.Then turn up the sound to gauge if you were correct.

You’ll be amazed at how accurate your non-verbal readings will become.

They need to be old films … the John Wayne type with a damsel in distress are good 🙂

Suppose his friends start to tease you about dating him …

Sometimes his friends or your friends might be aware that he likes you and start teasing you both, with-in or out of earshot.

If his friends start teasing you, it’s another of the signs a guy wants to date you.

While this can be embarrassing, take it with good humour and laugh it off.

If you start saying things like:

“What? I would never go out with him” he may take you literally and be devastated.

And, it would be an “own goal” for you, as he would never pluck up the courage to ask you out.

So let’s have a look at the signs a guy who wants to date you cannot hide …

When he sees you …

  • he takes in a deep breath, pulls his stomach in, puffs his chest out, all to make him seem fitter and more manly
  • he welcomes you and you can tell by his big smile he is pleased to see you
  • he may get a chair for you/walk along with you/open a door, for example. You can tell he cares about your comfort and safety

If you are at a party …

  • you might find him looking across the room at you from time to time
  • look at the position of his feet … are they angled in your direction? Few people can control their foot movements as the feet point towards where they want to go.

How to tell if he is interested in you when talking to you …

  • his eyes will be focused on you
  • gazing at you
  • taking in the whole of your face
  • his pupils will be dilated and he will look from your eyes to your mouth
  • his eyebrows may be raised slightly and he will smile a lot. You can tell if it is a genuine smile, as his eyes will crinkle up at the sides
  • his feet and body will be angled towards you
  • he may be showing the palms of his hands as he gesticulates
  • does he take the opportunity to brush your hand lightly with his, or brush your hair gently behind your ear?
  • does he like what you are saying? Is he leaning forward to be closer to you, all the better to hear you?
  • does he compliment you?
  • does he mirror (copy) your movements? This might be more obvious when sitting down. For example, if you run your finger around the rim of your glass, after a few moments, does he do the same? If you lean back, does he do it too?
  • If you are sitting down are his legs crossed towards you? Or are his legs spread in a relaxed fashion?

All these are signs a guy likes you. Read more in my free e-book below 🙂


If he is not interested in you …

  • rather than gazing at you gently, he will be staring at you focusing only on your eyes
  • his attention and eyes will wander to every passing girl.
  • his body will be angled away from you.
  • if he is sitting down, his legs will be crossed away from you and his arms may be folded in a defensive movement.
  • he will not be concentrating on what you are saying and may be looking around the room at all the other girls.

In the work situation

  • he may make the most of every opportunity to bump into you
  • perhaps arrive at work at the same time as you, or
  • bump into you at the coffee machine/lunch time/photocopier or leave work when you do.

The signs a guy wants to date you are pretty obvious.

Does he have to show all of them?

No. In fact, you would probably find it difficult to track all of them 🙂

Just look for a few of them … known as a cluster.

Much does depend on where you see him. But the way

  • he looks at you
  • smiles at you
  • makes an effort to get into conversation with you
  • looks after you and
  • concentrates on you are all signs a guy wants to date you.

The next stage is to give him the opportunity in a classy way, to invite you on a date.
You can help here, particularly if he is shy …

So how do you help him out?

It’s easy if you know what to say … where, when and how …

This is important, as you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. It’s always possible you have misread the signs …

So you need a light and humorous touch, so you can escape with your dignity intact, if needed. But at the same time, you need to let him know you won’t reject his advances. It takes all the stress out of the situation for you …

And I have all the info you need in my free e book below 🙂

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