So you want to be able to read the signs a guy likes you but is scared to ask you out ? Relax … it’s a lot easier than you think.

Let’s first of all look at what he’s scared of…

Simply put, he’s scared you are going to turn him down if he asks you for a date…

If you can understand his concern, then you can help him to ask you for a date, in a very lady-like manner of course, without being at all obvious about it.

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If you turn him down, however gently, it will be a tremendous blow to his ego … and if he is a really shy guy, it may stay with him for the rest of his life.

It is a fact that many men do not ask out the gorgeous women they would like to date … they often settle for second best, as they think they are less likely to be rejected.

There are signs a guy gives if he likes you and he can’t easily control them …

So all you need to do is …

Become good at reading male body language … and that’s a whole lot easier than you may think 🙂

Without even realising it, women are far better than men at reading body language.

Guys are pretty transparent when it comes to looking at women – you may have noticed 🙂

You need to watch out for a number of these indicators

Just one signal on it’s own is not enough to indicate a guy likes you but is scared to ask you out.

If you think you need practice at reading body language – and most of us think we do –  practice turning down the sound on the TV.

Try to figure out what is happening when watching an old film.

By turning up the sound every few moments, you’ll be able to check how accurate your non-verbal readings are. You will get much better with a bit of practice …

And, make the most of opportunities waiting at airports, train stations or anywhere people interact etc to read the body language of those around you.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to share with friends the signs a guy likes you but is scared to ask you out.

You’ll even be able to tell them which guys would love to pluck up the courage to ask them out 🙂

Just by watching him, you’ll discover so much more about him than he will ever realise.

For example, If he has his arms folded across his chest, he is feeling defensive and may not be happy with what you are saying.

If you are hoping a particular guy is going to ask you out, it can be difficult to detach yourself from the situation to watch out for his signals … so don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

These, then, are the signs a guy likes you but is scared :

Here are the easiest ones to look out for as the chances are he is not even aware he is giving you these signals 🙂

Eye contact.

When you are talking to him, is he totally focused on you or is he looking all over the place, eyeing the other women?

If he is totally focused on you, gazing at you, you can be sure he likes you.

Balance this with the fact that he may look away from time to time, so as not to be seen staring at you.

Not sure of the difference between gazing and staring?

Staring can be aggressive. He is seeing only your eyes.

He may be looking very serious, severe even.You might feel his look is threatening.

Gazing is where he is seeing your eyes and the upper part of your face in soft focus.

It is much gentler and will not feel uncomfortable. He may be gazing at you, admiring your loveliness.

He may have a gentle expression on his face.

If he is constantly looking away and ogling all the other girls, he’s not that interested in you, unless he is trying to make you jealous.

Does he touch you …

Gently on the arm or shoulder, but not in predatory way, or move your hair out of your eyes?

If a guy likes you, he will use any excuse to touch you gently.

It may only be a fleeting touch on the arm, leg, shoulder, small of back or touch your hair. He may not be able to help himself.

His touch will be very gentle and fleeting – and he will be clued in for the slightest hint of your recoil should you find his touch objectionable.

Does he smile at you a lot/smile as soon as he sees you?

This is a very positive sign. Be sure to return his smile. You are indicating he is welcome to approach you to ask you on a date.

Is he using his hands?

If he’s using his hand movements constantly throughout your conversation, take it as a clue that he likes you, particularly if he is showing his palms.

Does he move towards you?

Whether you are standing or sitting talking to him, does he move towards you to hear what you are saying?

Look down at the direction of his feet.

It is nigh impossible to hide your thoughts with your feet.

If his feet pointing towards you, he’s happy to be in your company.

If they are pointing away from you, or his legs are crossed away, he’s wanting to escape.

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Does he look after you?

Offer you his jacket if you are getting cold, guide you across the road or through the crowd? Act as your protector?

Remember …

He needs to be using a few of these indicators, commonly called a cluster. Just using one on its own is not a fair indication he’s interested in you.

So assuming he’s doing just some of the above, how are you going to react?

Presumably you are wanting to know the signs a guy likes you but is scared to ask you out because you want to encourage him in a lady-like way, without being obvious about it?

I can help with that 🙂

Let’s say you are at a party or in a group …

Having watched his body language, you’ve seen the signs a guy likes you but is afraid to ask you out.

He’s given you a number of clues he’s interested … for example …

  • he’s gazing at you, smiling at you
  • including you in the conversation and
  • his feet are pointing towards you.

So now you know the signs a guy likes you but is scared, what do you do next?

You need to help him out.

It’s easy if you know what to say …

This is important, as initially, you may be worried about making a fool of your self in case you have misread the signs … or given him the wrong idea …

So you need a light and humorous touch, as you let him know you won’t reject his advances. Then you can both relax and talk much more easily.

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