Who would have thought working out how to propose to your boyfriend would make you feel so nervous?

Have you spent hours thinking/worrying/imagining it, trying to decide on the right words to say? …

“Will you marry me?”… just four little words, yet so much hinges on his answer 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning … as a classy lady, are you doing the right thing in proposing?

As your future happiness depends so much on his reply, please read “How do you get a man to commit to you” and “Is proposing to your boyfriend a good idea?” before moving on where …

Watch that really helpful video. It’s all about how men think … which is a complete mystery to most women … after watching it, you’ll understand your man so much better 🙂

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It could save them the pain of so many misunderstandings … it really is an eye-opener.

Have you tried to see your proposal from his point of view ?

Presumably you’ve been together “for a while” and at some stage you’ve talked about a future together …

Is it the right time for your proposal ?

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If he’s a “player” you probably already know you’re wasting your time and energy talking about marriage …

It’s guaranteed to scare him away.

Consider these four areas when deciding how to propose to your boyfriend.

You need to think about

  • what you are going to say
  • where
  • when and
  • your response to his response.

If you’re being honest, you have no idea what his response is going to be, although you hope it will be positive.

So you need to think about your choice of venue very carefully. More on this in a moment 🙂

Setting the scene for your proposal.

There are many variables. Expect to be very nervous as so much hinges on his reply.

What is going to act as the cue for you to propose on the date you have chosen?

Are you going to come straight out and ask him to marry you, or are you going to do it in a round- about fashion?

Is it going to be “spur of the moment”?

What exactly are you going to say?

Practice over and over in your mind’s eye.

Are you going to get down on one knee?

Are you ready for his response?

Facing facts, his response could be
“Yes, but not right away”
“Let me think about it.”

How you are going to cope with those responses might determine where you choose to propose.

Are you likely to cry or make a scene whatever his response?

Suppose he says “Yes, but not straight away” …

Are you going to try to tie him down to a date for a definitive reply or are you going to leave it open-ended?

How emotional are you going to feel?

Are you going to be able to carry on or will you need to get home in a hurry?

Suppose he says “No” outright?

Will you burst into tears?

Having screwed up your courage and built your expectations up, you will be very emotional and may not be able to control yourself.

Perhaps the embarrassment of his refusal will be such that you will want to get away as fast as possible.

It may even be that you never want to see him again.

If you have chosen a venue away from home, how will you get home?

Suppose he says “Let me think about it.”

It may be hard to control your frustration.

A screech of “What is there to think about? We’ve been together now for…” will do your cause no good.

If he has doubts about your relationship, your uncontrolled reaction may frighten him off completely.

“What is there to think about” in a gentle tone, with a smile (if you can manage it!) may elicit a worthwhile response.

Those same words in an aggressive tone may work against you completely.

If he says he wants to think about it, is that good enough for you?

Do you want to let him know your proposal still stands and he can have as long as he likes to make up his mind?

Or is it a case of “tough” …

If he can’t give you an answer there and then, will you withdraw the proposal?

Check out Step 1 in my free guide below to ensure you are speaking to his heart …


When thinking of where and how to propose to your boyfriend, your choice of location is very important.

Would you prefer to propose at home?

If it’s going to be away from home, how are you going to get to the venue?

If you are going to go together, think of how you are going to get home if he turns down your proposal … will you be able to laugh off?

The last thing you want is traveling home with him in an embarrassing silence.

Having looked at the possible scenarios when deciding how to propose to you boyfriend, let’s think positively …

Suppose he says “yes”…

Have you arranged for there to be champagne on hand?

Are you going to give him a ring, cuff links, watch or other gift to celebrate? (Perhaps engraved with date?)

How to propose to your boyfriend is complicated …

There’s so much to think about and you need to get it right, or you will never forgive yourself.

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