Wanting to know how to be irresistible to men?

It’s much easier than you may think 🙂

Not one of my girlfriends knew this secret … they thought it was all to do with physical attributes 🙂

Not necessarily so … though they may be a part of it.


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  • What does he see in her?
  • What’s the first thing he notices about you?
  • The BIG secret is not what you think
  • Hints and tips as you get to know him
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • How to be irresistible to men is easy if you will …
  • Action step!

Throughout history, there have been some women who have fascinated some men.

Stop and think about that for a moment…

No one woman has ever had the ability to fascinate every man she comes across.

Isn’t that comforting?girl who knows how to be irresistible to men

But obviously you want to know how to appeal to the largest number of men …

There is no way of knowing what is going to fascinate a particular man … you only have to look around you to see that men love and marry women of all

  • shapes
  • sizes and
  • personalities…
  • beautiful women,
  • pretty women and, without wishing to be unkind,
  • downright plain and even ugly women.

Have you ever wondered: “Whatever does he see in her?” 🙂

He saw something that was irresistible to him …

All relationships have to have a starting point … so let’s start with how he first notices you … it might be the make or break situation.

But rest assured that even if your first meeting has not gone well, he may become more interested in you as he gets to know you.

It’s important to know how to speak “his language” and to avoid those mixed signals which kill relationships early on.

If this sounds “complicated” and you would like a helping hand to discover the 7 things you need to do to make him fall in love, it’s all in my 24 page step-by-step guide below 🙂


What’s the first thing he notices about you?

It’s not necessarily your looks.

He might not see your face or your figure. It might be a waft of your perfume as you pass him at work/ at a party/in the pub. It might be the way you laugh, or your voice…

Depending on your job or your hobby, he might first see you in uniform in an emergency situation or hot and sweaty after a 5 mile run, or pot-holing and muddy …

He might like what he sees of your grit and determination under stress, even though you might be far from looking your best.

You take my point? Couples have met in the most extraordinary situations 🙂

The chances are, though, that you want to look your best when you are meeting eligible men.

Surveys have been carried out world-wide on what men find attractive…

And the good news is there are no hard and fast rules.

But love scares many men…if you would like to know how you can make him more comfortable being in a relationship, get my free e-book below …


There are some general rules, though…

Initially, looking “good” makes you attractive to men.

It doesn’t mean always being dressed up, false eyelashes, false nails, false hair etc.
Generally speaking, men do not care much for high maintenance women. They much prefer the natural look.

It means being well groomed, light makeup to flatter your features (or none if that is your preference) and wearing clothes that flatter your figure.

While some women may think really short skirts and low tops showing lots of cleavage are irresistible, they do have a point … but it depends what you want from the relationship …

Remember, he makes a decision on whether you are girl friend material or “one night stand” material within seconds of meeting you …

Too short a skirt and a very revealing top will put you into the “one night stand” category in his mind immediately.

If that’s your aim, you will succeed very easily …

As one of my very good male friends says, he’s never been to bed with an ugly woman but he’s woken up with a few 🙂

You can find out more about what men like here.

The big secret is not what you think.

One of the big secrets about how to be irresistible to men is to

make a man feel good about himself.

But you have to be very careful in the way you do it.

Men like to be appreciated and respected …you must be genuine.

A man’s ego is very easily bruised …so you need to be very careful as men are much more sensitive than most women realise.

At the same time, don’t fuss and gush over him … men find that very off putting.

Here are some hints and tips as you get to know him.

This is not advice for a first date … this is for when you first have the opportunity to talk with him …

Most important…

Be genuine. Be yourself. Don’t be the “life and soul of the party” type of girl to impress him unless that is your natural personality. Much better to be quieter and a little mysterious.


  • Smile at him … and relax. There are “plenty of fish in the sea” and you know so little about him …
  • Drop his name into the conversation as you talk to him … it will make him feel special.
  • Accept compliments gracefully with a big smile and “thank you”… your smile is his reward. Most women do not accept compliments gracefully.
  • Laugh at his jokes – if you think they are funny.
  • Ask questions about his work (definitely not” how much do you earn?” but along the lines of “what do you like about it, “what’s the best part, “is there anything you would rather do?” etc)
  • Ask about his hobbies. Try to build rapport with a common interest if you can.
  • Ask his opinion … you don’t necessarily have to agree … be gracious if this leads to a lively discussion. Men like confident women who can hold their own.
  • Be sure to give him credit for points he makes which you hadn’t thought of, even if you still cannot agree with him.
  • Be confident in your judgements. He’ll enjoy the stimulation of a lively discussion. In the early stages of your relationship, avoid topics like politics and religion … unless you meet through those interests.

And the don’ts …

  • Don’t rush into a date … he will value you more if he has to chase you.
  • Don’t ever agree to a last minute date. Smile and “be busy” if he asks for a last minute date … you have your own life, so don’t drop everything to to suit him. He may not be used to this, as so many women will happily change their arrangements for a date. This makes you different. He’ll find it intriguing and will ask you when you are free. Be “busy” for the next 3-4 evenings.
  • Don’t chase him or text/ring him you will look needy and clingy and men hate that. It will drive him away. Let him take the lead … by all means give him your number, but he must be the one to make contact.
  • Don’t return his call/text too soon. Wait for at least 30 mins to an hour. End the call before he does. It puts you in control and, once again, it makes you different. You want to be slightly unpredictable … it makes you much more interesting. Be very careful what you say in those texts.
  • Don’t let him become a priority in your life when you might be just an option in his. You want to be a bit mysterious and date other men until he asks for a committed relationship.

How to be irresistible to men is easy if you will


  • sincerely show respect for him as a man and
  • allow him to do what men do … work for your affections.

It is a sad fact that “Modern women” make huge mistakes in dating.
They end up bitter and twisted about the way things turn out, as they can’t “find a good man” …

It’s their own fault...they sabotage their relationships every time.

They go about things in the wrong way they won’t let a man be a man.

They find it hard to accept that a good man wants to

  • please you
  • spoil you
  • take care of you … and
  • make the running.

These “modern women” don’t know the first thing about how to be irresistible to men. They

  • think nothing of asking a man out on a date … he may well agree to go out with you, but you have done the chasing. He will never find you irresistible.
  • ask him for his phone number. He may be flattered and give it to you. You have done the chasing. He will never find you irresistible.
  • sleep with him too soon. I realise “too soon” sounds like a bit of a “cop out” but all relationships are different.The simple fact is that if you are “easy”, he will never find you irresistible.

It sounds old-fashioned but it’s true none the less … simple fact:

You need to think and act like a lady … slightly out of his reach to be irresistible

Show him you value yourself… you are a discerning women…

It will make you all the more attractive … that’s how to be irresistible to men.

Oh! and don’t agree to see him more than twice a week in the initial stages … he will be intrigued to know what you do when you are not with him … he will enjoy the challenge and the chase … yes! he will find you irresistible 🙂

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