How to be attractive to men is a mystery to many women.

As the song says, “There is always someone for each of us they say” … am I showing my age? 🙂

It’s true …

Look around you … you will see women of all ages, shapes and sizes who have found a man who was attracted to them, loves them, and married them. Why not you?

There is no doubt that what appeals to one man may not appeal to another.

Trying to discover how to be attractive to men has involvedgirl who knows how to be attractive to men

a lot of research all across the world …

The results show there is a lot more to it than physical attractiveness.


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Here are the most important guidelines for how to be attractive to men …

  • Physical attributes
  • What really attracts men
  • Other attributes men find attractive
  • Summing it all up …
  • Action step!

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Attractive physical attributes are top of the list, of course.

  1. Look your best … be well groomed. Take pride in your appearance. Get into the habit of looking good and smelling good … you are going to be really miserable if you look a mess on a quick visit to the shops and meet Mr Right.
  2. Wear make up that flatters you or none if you prefer. Go easy with the make-up … most men prefer a natural look. They tend to shy away from “high maintenance” girls. Many men find red lipstick attractive, but keep it subtle. If you are not sure of the most flattering shade for your colouring, or how to make the most of your best features, ask for advice at the beauty counters.
  3. Many men prefer long hair, as long as it is clean and well kept … and don’t believe that they prefer blondes … brunettes are often rated more favourably. And re-touch those roots if you colour your hair.
  4. What sort of shape are you in? Do you look healthy? What are your energy levels? Do you exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep? You don’t have to be stick thin, either. Research shows that men prefer women with the hour glass shape … a curvier bottom half is important in child bearing 🙂
  5. Wear clothes that fit well, flatter you and show your body shape to advantage and make you feel confident. You don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of books available on wardrobe planning and garments in every price range. It’s a case of choosing carefully.

Looking good does take time and effort. But you are a discerning woman and it will be great for your confidence.

Men are attracted to confident women.

There is no one else on the planet quite like you … be proud of that. Be the best you can be.

  1. Have hobbies and interests you can talk enthusiastically about … more on this in a moment.
  2. Research shows men prefer a softer speaking voice. If that doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t pretend … the real you will come through at some stage and then he will think you are a fraud. He’ll wonder what else you are hiding. And once the doubt sets in, that could be the end of your relationship.
  3. Don’t make finding a good man your main hobby … how would you explain it?
    It would make you sound very “needy” – and men don’t like that … they like confident women who have got their lives together, who have opinions and can talk intelligently on issues.
  4. Don’t pretend to know everything … and genuinely ask for his advice and opinion at times.
  5. Don’t agree with him all the time. That would be very boring. Be prepared to state your case and have a discussion. He will enjoy the challenge of trying to convince you. Agree to disagree in a charming manner.
  6. Set you own standards and stick to them. He will respect you for it.
  7. Develop will-power … do what you say you are going to do … if he is thinking of you as “wife” material, he will begin to see how his life would be with you 🙂

Other attributes men find attractive …

Kindness to others, a sense of humour and a positive approach to life are all very appealing to men. No man wants to be married to a grumpy women.

  1. Smile often. It makes you more approachable. Smile at him while he is talking. It make him feel you like him, which, in turn makes him feel more comfortable and confident … And, he’s much more likely to ask you out on a date of he thinks you like him. Learn about body language … copy his, but be subtle. He’ll start to think you have a lot in common.
  2. Choose hobbies and interests that you have a genuine enthusiasm for. Should you meet a gorgeous man through your hobby, the conversation will flow easily and you will both be relaxed.
  3. Don’t choose a hobby because you hope to meet a man through it. It will be obvious … and at some stage you will to explain that you really have no genuine interest in acrylic painting or whatever. Deception is not a good start to a relationship.
  4. One hobby that always goes down well is cookery… recently, I read that inviting a man around for a meal, so that he arrives to the smell of a roasting chicken has caused more proposals than anything else. I have no idea how true that is 🙂 But the ability to cook well will always be appreciated … take lessons if you need to.
  5. Be a little unpredictable … notice I said ” a little”? It’s a fine balance. You don’t want to be so predictable that he gets to know exactly what to expect. He’ll find it boring. So …
  6. Surprise him from time to time… by suggesting you go somewhere new or maybe with a thoughtful small gift … with the emphasis on thoughtful and small. Perhaps he said he’d like to read a new paperback … you could get it for him. It shows you listened … but don’t be tempted to buy big and expensive, even if you can afford to. It could look as if you are trying to “buy” him. He could find that embarrassing and come to resent it.

Summing it up… how to be attractive to men is easy…

  • Just be natural – your best self. There is no one else like you on the planet 🙂
  • Make the most of your attributes. Even if you think you are not very attractive, remember, other people see you as 20% more attractive than you see yourself.
  • Know how to stand up for yourself.
  • Be self sufficient and strong.
  • Take pride in who and what you are.

Remember … you are a talented, discerning woman and you deserve only the best.

And when you find your man, make him qualify … Is he worthy of you?

He’ll enjoy the challenge – that’s how to be attractive to men, whichever stage of the relationship you are in 🙂

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