Are you wondering how to get a guy to like you and fall in love with you?

It is really easy when you know the secret … but let’s start at the beginning …

The real reason you want to know how to get a guy to like you, is so he will ask you out …


It is not as difficult as it first seems … though there is a problem for many women …

And it comes in all the free information available, much of it in the popular women’s magazines …how to get a guy to like you is easy if you like having fun

This advice often creates confusion.

It may sound good in theory, but may not be practical or realistic for you, and the situation you find yourself in.

Think about it for a moment … what is the purpose of the magazine?

It is to make money by selling products, advertising and subscriptions…

So, the advice is not really to help you, though it may seem like it 🙂

If you look at the product placement in relation to the articles, you will see what I mean … the silent message is…

“You need this perfume/lingerie/tights/moisturiser and all your problems will be solved …”

In real life, how to get a guy to like you is a bit more complicated than that 🙂

Let’s assume you have met a man you are interested in and would like him to be interested in you …
Tip: how to get a man to like you is easy if he feels you respect him

  • you know he is single … (or you are storing up trouble for both of you)
  • you want him to ask for your phone number/ask you out (more on this in a moment).
  • you are not going to behave like a “modern woman” and do the work for him… 

Relax! There are millions of men in the world looking for a discerning woman like you to love and cherish …

And, it is is not a matter of life and death whether this particular guy likes you (though it may feel like it!).


We know men do not think in the same way as women …

Research shows they don’t experience relationships in the same way as women do, either.

The KEY to getting a guy to like you is to understand that

Men are powerfully attracted to women who trigger feelings of respect and admiration in them.

Does that surprise you?

Read it again.

And, there’s more 🙂 It’s probably not what you were expecting … and not what the magazines will tell you…

Given a choice, a man would rather be respected than loved…

It’s that important to him.

So, we now know that

Showing respect for him is one of the best ways to get a guy to like you.

Tip: how to get a man to like you is easy if you have are cheerful and friendly

Who would have thought it?

But then, it’s obvious if you think about it…

We instinctively warm to people who like us and show respect or admiration for us … we are happy to spend more time with them … and often avoid spending time with those who are critical of us.

Unfortunately for them, few women know how to get a man to like you and what men LIKE and what men HATE. …

But you can have the advantage of that “insider knowledge” …it’s all in my e-book below – it’s free 🙂

Research also shows that…

  • Men are much more sensitive than most people realise …
  • Men have tremendous pride.
  • Men hate and dread rejection, though they may joke about it.
  • Many a man will not try to date a woman he is really attracted to in case he is rejected. It’s a serious blow to his ego and will hurt him deeply. He may never forget it.

And that leaves you with a problem …

Without being too obvious about it, how can you make it clear to him (in a very lady-like way, of course) that you like him, and would welcome getting to know him better?

How to get a guy to like you guidelines.

These guidelines are in no particular order. All are important. You might see/meet this man in a social or work situation … and when you do…
Tip: understanding a man wants to be in control is how to get a man to like you

  • give him a warm smile
  • make and hold eye contact
  • use his name in conversation
  • be polite and courteous
  • try to find something in common to build rapport
  • pay him the compliment of actively listening to what he is saying
  • accept any compliments gracefully, with a smile and “thank you” (he’ll love it!)
  • make extra opportunities to see him/ pass him (without being obvious about it!)
  • pay him a genuine compliment … shirt, smile etc (but don’t overdo it)
  • use humour where appropriate

Depending on the circumstances, the following may be appropriate:

  • ask his opinion (don’t agree unless you are sincere, but at least give him a hearing and don’t be afraid to disagree tactfully)
  • ask for his advice on an issue
  • ask him for help if you genuinely need it

And, if all of this seems a bit much … the most important piece of advice I can give you is

Be yourself.

You are an amazing woman …You are unique.

Don’t “put on an act” and try to be something you are not in an effort to impress him. If your relationship is going to develop, he will lose trust in you as soon as he realises you have not been sincere.

Don’t ever
Tip: how to get a guy to like you by smiling as it is a sign of confidence

  • gush
  • tell blue jokes (as if you would … but I’ve seen it happen)
  • ask him for his phone number…
  • ask him out on a date
  • giggle and be silly around him, with attention seeking behaviour
  • dress inappropriately in an effort to get his attention or wear too much make up/perfume etc
  • flirt with him or others around him to make him jealous … you’ll get a reputation very quickly.

While you might think you would never dream of doing any of these things …

Hormones have a lot to answer for 🙂

Let me tell you a true story…

Here’s what happened in the last school I was in …

An Assistant Headteacher… mid- 40’s … behaved like a silly love-sick teenager over a Vice Principal, of the same age, who was obviously flattered. Both should have known better.

Here’s the background…

Jenny was in a relationship and had a 3 year old son.
Darren, the Vice Principal, was married with a young lad as well.
The students were aware of their relationship status …

students watching

Because … each member of staff had a notice on their classroom door saying which books they were reading that week …
The Vice Principal and Assistant Head had both stated which books they were reading their children … Darren saying that usually his wife read his son a story.

Out of the blue, Jenny started to gush and giggle around Darren at lunchtimes … and flirt with other male teachers while coyly watching for Darren’s reaction.

It was just so obvious and embarrassing – and pathetic for a women in her position.

Then she started wearing inappropriate clothes… tops which were too low cut for school, skirts which were too short and too tight and once, she wore see-through white linen trousers where you could clearly see her underwear. Staff were very shocked … and she wasn’t exactly slim, trim and terrific …

It soon became obvious to all the pupils they were having an affair.

Some older students set up a “telegraph system” for break-time when Jenny and Darren were “on Break Duty.” One group would watch Jenny as she went to her Duty position in the playground and another group would watch Darren …

His Duty position was quite some distance away … and the play grounds were very noisy with games of football, chase etc going on all around.

After a few moments, Jenny would get out her phone and send a text.

Cue much noisy chortling and arm waving from the group watching her. This alerted the other group. Within seconds, Darren took out his phone … read the message with a pleased smile on his face and texted back.

Cue much noisy chortling and arm waving from the group watching him. This went on for the whole of break… and the students used to joke about it in lessons …

students in class joking

To this day, I don’t think they realised they were being observed.

It certainly made Break Duty much more interesting for other staff on duty 🙂

So why have I told you this?

Beware! Hormones can make us behave in ways we never anticipated…

I’m sure it never dawned on Jenny, in her position as an Assistant Head, that she behaved just like an immature love-sick teenager … in front of the whole school community.

Staff who knew her well were completely shocked and said it was totally “out of character”…

Had she been able to observe her own behaviour dispassionately,  I’m sure she would be completely mortified …

Hormones were the only rational explanation.

As it happened, Jenny got a promotion and moved schools. I have no doubt she left with an excellent reference – possibly mentioning extra curricular activities? I’m being naughty 🙂 I have no idea whether the affair continued.

But, back to you…

Remember that when a guy first meets you, within seconds, he puts you in one of two categories

If a guy is interested in a long term relationship with you, he will be looking for …
Quote: I only like two types of men- domestic and foreign

  • a woman he can love, cherish and respect and proudly introduce to his family and friends
  • a woman who sets her own standards and sticks to them
  • a women who knows who she is and who is comfortable in her own skin
  • a confident and independent woman who is also never afraid to ask for help and assistance, should she need to.

As a discerning women, you will qualify on all counts …

Because you respect yourself, you find it easy to show respect for others.

So you see … wondering how to get a guy to like you is much easier than you thought …

What will ultimately make a man fall in love with you – and stay in love with you – is how you make him feel about himself…

The ability to sincerely make a man feel good about himself is more than half the battle … that’s how to get a guy to like you and fall in love with you.

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