My immediate reaction to your question: is proposing to your boyfriend a good idea? is negative.

You need to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • Why hasn’t he proposed to you?
  • What is stopping him?

Some of the following may make uncomfortable reading for you … but for the sake of both of you, I suggest you read through it and really think about the future of your relationship

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There are many reasons why men pull away

Why a man pulls away is of concern to every women in a relationship at one time or another.

Take comfort from the fact:

It’s a perfectly normal situation for which there are many reasons …


  • It happens in the best of relationships
  • He feels he needs some time to himself …
  • It may not be your fault … you may not have done or said anything to cause it
  • He’s giving you all the clues you need … are you reading them correctly?

Knowing how to react is vital if your relationship is to have any future at all …

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