How do you get a man to commit to you? 

This problem causes heart-ache for so many women.

Have you tried just about everything you can think of?

Understanding what makes a man fall in love and commit to the woman of his choice is complicated.

If he’s still pulling away and you are worried he will never commit to you, read on for the answer to your question: how do you get a man to commit to you?

Here is the key:

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Who would have thought working out how to propose to your boyfriend would make you feel so nervous?

Have you spent hours thinking/worrying/imagining it, trying to decide on the right words to say? …

“Will you marry me?”… just four little words, yet so much hinges on his answer 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning … as a classy lady, are you doing the right thing in proposing?

As your future happiness depends so much on his reply, please read “How do you get a man to commit to you” and “Is proposing to your boyfriend a good idea?” before moving on where …

Watch that really helpful video. It’s all about how men think … which is a complete mystery to most women … after watching it, you’ll understand your man so much better 🙂

It’s quite long … about 40 minutes. If you don’t have time to watch now, make sure to Save/Pin this post and come back to it later …

You might want to share it with friends.

It could save them the pain of so many misunderstandings … it really is an eye-opener.

Have you tried to see your proposal from his point of view ?

Presumably you’ve been together “for a while” and at some stage you’ve talked about a future together …

Is it the right time for your proposal ?

Would you like to make the transition from girlfriend to fiancée without scaring him away?  Have a look at the covert ways to get your commitment-shy guy excited about giving you that ring in my free 7 step guide 🙂


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Wanting to know how to be irresistible to men?

It’s much easier than you may think 🙂

Not one of my girlfriends knew this secret … they thought it was all to do with physical attributes 🙂

Not necessarily so … though they may be a part of it.

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How to be attractive to men is a mystery to many women.

As the song says, “There is always someone for each of us they say” … am I showing my age? 🙂

It’s true …

Look around you … you will see women of all ages, shapes and sizes who have found a man who was attracted to them, loves them, and married them. Why not you?

There is no doubt that what appeals to one man may not appeal to another.

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